Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Facebook Diaspora?

I was going to do a bit of research about the concept of privacy in the information age, and write a blog post about the latest issues with Facebook. But then I realised it would be more informative if I just repost this.

I'm considering running away from the echoing chamber of self-obsessed monologues that is Facebook. I think to some extent, Facebook inscribes a certain kind of use into its design, and that use is a combination of stupid games, whiny status updates, and embarrassing photos - none of which reflect well on its users. I want out. However, Facebook is like a digital cafeteria - you don't know who you might bump into, and you get to talk to people who you know, but might not usually make the effort to contact. Quitting Facebook will be like moving away to a tiny village in Wales. I'm hoping that some platform will arise that is similar to Facebook, but much more pared down and much less invasive.

I don't see why the diaspora project is necessary, though. While google is no stranger to privacy issues, I feel quite positive about the frameworks google has come up with for drawing a common social thread between separate internet platforms, such as google friend connect and google profiles. Google has platforms for pretty much every task that facebook carries out, and provides the ability to link as many or as few of these together as you want. And unlike Facebook, google's Blogger, wave, gmail, googletalk, even buzz don't seem to be designed to make an idiot out of you.


  1. I've known people bolt when they realise they are using the medium for excessive complaining. Which is a shame, as Schadenfreude is FB's raison d'ĂȘtre.

    Given everyone on FB is there to indulge themselves anyway, the very notion they are taking an unhealthy interest in other people's info is pure poppycock. (Criminals notwithstanding).

  2. Can't disagree there. Except I don't get schadenfreude out of it, I just find it distressing. Especially when people write those statuses that don't even contain any real information like, 'Sick of it all,' or, 'Cried myself to sleep again last night. Now my face is sticky,' or just, 'aaaaargh!'

  3. 'Cried myself to sleep again last night. Now my face is sticky,'

    Hah, funny comment, nice blog.