Friday, 8 January 2010

Baby blue bowls

Lately I've been feeling passionate about ceramics. Not in a passionate about sofas kind of way. I mean really passionate. This blog entry about white bowls made me cry.

Today I saw this on Etsy. I'm scandalised by how beautiful this thing is:

Being ceramic and glazed in glossy pale blue was enough for me. It's a bowl, after all. It doesn't take much to be cute, because it's short and stout and clean and full of possibilities. It's like a baby, but it doesn't cry, it doesn't take your money, it doesn't demand that you change your entire personal identity around it, and the fact that it's all blue isn't horrifying in any way.

But then the artist put tiny little holes in the wall to fit your chopsticks through! Like little eyes on a cartoon chicky! Is he trying to kill me? I can't live in a world with such perfectly adorable things in it. It's just not poetic enough.

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  1. What a great sense of humor you have! Thanks for featuring my rice bowls with cartoon chicky eyes!