Friday, 8 January 2010

Things I may write about here

I'm been thinking about starting a new blog for a while now. My other one was about my life, which my Mum loved to read and misses dearly. However, I eventually found that when things get challenging enough that they would be interesting to read about, the last thing I want to do in my few moments of peace is to write about them.

Nevertheless, I'm an avid reader of the blogs, particularly those with pretty pictures that brighten up my day. And I keep thinking of things I would like to write about. These things generally fit somewhere on the following list:

Pretty things I'm making
Great recipes
Academic journal articles with sex appeal
Pretty things other people have made
Things I found on the internet that made me happy

So let's see how this goes. If I write at least four entries in the next month I'll start to pass this address around and see if it has a positive impact on my life.

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