Monday, 1 March 2010


Are you as geeky about books as I am? Do you get a massive thrill putting new books on your shelf? Does alphabetising them make you smile? Do you actually enjoy writing bibliographies at the end of your essays? Then you must click on this link.

Books is a bit of free software for Mac that has been out for ages but I only just heard about. It allows you to catalogue your book collection - something I've always wanted to do - in a way that is so smooth and fast you will feel like the size of your book collection is woefully inferior. "Surely that should have taken at least an hour?" you will think. "Maybe I should go back and modify the genre tags so that they're more systematic?" you will ponder. Because all of the basic copyright information, as well as a photograph of a book cover, are generated in a matter of seconds after scanning the barcode on the back of the book with your webcam. It's awesome and great fun.

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