Sunday, 7 March 2010

Video bloggers

I've managed to wean myself off the obsessive relationship I used to have with Youtube and I now spend about half an hour a week on the site, compared to the hour or two a day I used to spend. Nevertheless my love for videoblogging as a medium hasn't died. Not that I think videoblogs are more entertaining than, say, action movies. The videobloggers that I consider to be funny are consistently less funny than my boyfriend is on any normal day. This would be understandable, since I love the man and therefore giggle uncontrollably at whatever inane shit he projects from his larynx. However, I usually have very high expectiations of performance media. The main explanation I give for my love of videoblogs is the intimacy, which builds a delusion that I have a distant friend in the blogger.

Take Nerimon, for instance. Nerimon is kind of dorky and sometimes annoying, but I'd still like to have him as a friend. I think he'd be a good guy to have around for the banter.

I only discovered Meekakitty a few days ago but boy am I smitten. For some reason I like to think of her as a smarter, more beautiful and more regularly posting version of boxxy.

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