Thursday, 4 March 2010

Terror news with a happy ending

They always save the juiciest bits of newspaper articles for the end. Take this, at the end of a Times article about full body scanners:

Last month, Lord Adonis stressed that an interim code of practice on the use of body scanners stipulated that passengers would not be selected “on the basis of personal characteristics”.

What, so if I'm picked for a scan I don't know for sure that Mr. Security Man thinks I'm hot, and wants to catch a peek at my boobs? What a disappointment. You think you've found these cheap ego trips in life and then The Man insists on taking them away from you.

He said that images captured by body scanners would be immediately deleted after the passenger had gone through and that security staff were appropriately trained and supervised.

Trainer: Remember, if a hot girl walks through the scanner, immediately think about your grandmother in a bikini. Any trouser snakes that raise their head will be severely punished by your supervisor. And when I say punished...

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